Update: Eleven Things to Abandon in 2011

Any change expert will tell you that attempting to change eleven things at one time is an amateur move, or at least completely ineffective.  This is also true for those of us, like myself, who love change.  It is better to prioritize 3-4 things, knock them out, and then reassess. Focus is always better. Always.

I’d like to think that even if I can’t check all of these things off of the list, I’ve at least taken baby steps, or in some cases re-evaluated whether they even apply to begin with.  Here is the best part: school is over. I’m finally finished with grad school and can focus full-time on working and living. BINGO!

Prompt: It’s May. We’re five months into 2011, and here at Reverb HQ we’ve been thinking about how transformative life has been since December’s #reverb10. What is shifting in your life? Have any of the seeds you planted during Reverb10 manifested?

My progress, since listing my 2011 priorities in this post (updates only).

  • An unworn yoga mat. I bought a Groupon for 30 days of yoga in my neighborhood. Now that school is finished, I actually have time to go.
  • Dairy. Instead of limiting dairy, I’ve adopted a Gluten-free lifestyle. I feel awesome, but I’m now officially the most difficult person in the world, as I’m dining at the intersection of gluten-free and vegetarian.
  • Real Housewives of Anywhere. I didn’t cancel cable. But I moved last week, and I haven’t had the appointment to transfer service yet, so now just might be the time to ditch it.
  • Unread books…As soon as I finished school, I started reading. It is a breath of fresh air to read fiction without feeling guilty. Right now: Water for Elephants.
  • Sleepless nights. I’ve gotten so much more sleep this year and it is amazing!
  • Formal education – it’s over!
  • Too many highlights.  Success! Well, sort of. I went for a darker hue and the ombre effect. Unfortunately though, my color is pulling red tones, so I have no clue what is going on at this point (although that is apparently the hot hair trend for spring).

This post was written in participation with #Reverb11. Photo Credit: Tiffany Assman



  1. Your post made me smile and laugh. Grateful to have found you as we remember 2010 and continue this glide into reverb11!! Can’t wait to hear more about your hues!!

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