Why I Have No Right to Pout About Turning 30

Today is my 30th birthday

If you know me, you know that I’ve been grumbling about this birthday for weeks (ok, fine – months).  It started out as a huff and an eye roll anytime someone30th birthday said “thirty”, “you” and “almost” in the same sentence.


There’s just something about the way it sounds. It sounds so much older than I feel. The perfectionist in me says that I should have accomplished so much more. The skincare-obsessed person inside of me says I better get serious about maintaining skin elasticity and preventing wrinkles.

Seriously though, as it’s gotten closer, I realize how emotional this day is for me.  I’m embarrassed to admit that I’ve been pouting the last few days. Like many others, my twenties were marked with a series of growing pains. I think that anytime that you close a door on one period of your life, even if you are excited about what’s to come (and I am!), it can be emotional to reflect.

It’s also emotional because it’s the first birthday I’ve celebrated since I lost my Grandmother six weeks ago and I really really miss her. Do you know what she would have said about my birthday temper tantrum?

“Get yourself together.”

And, she’s right. I have no reason to pout. I’m SO fortunate. When you think about the real struggles/pain/obstacles/crap that people are dealing with every day, whining about turning 30 makes you look like a fool. Plus, I am genuinely excited to experience the next decade of my life.

So, I’m going to redirect my birthday blues into something positive.

I’m donating my birthday to charity: water

It’s totally last minute, but why not see how many people we can help?

Remember how I said whining about turning 30 makes you look like a fool? Millions of children around the world don’t live to see their fifth birthday because they don’t have access to clean water.

Every penny of the money raised will directly fund clean water projects in developing countries. Even better, charity: water will show us exactly which projects we funded once they’ve been fully completed (which takes about 18 months). That means we’ll know the locations and names of the communities we helped.

I set the fundraising goal at $600, which would provide clean water to 30 people.

I’m asking for my age in dollars from everyone I know.  If you were planning on giving me a gift (or weren’t and are jazzed about the idea of helping those who are less fortunate that us get access to clean water), donate here.

Any amount will help, it only take $20 to give one person access to clean water! If I could use my birthday to help just one person, that would thrill me beyond belief.

I’m also going to focus on gratitude. You might not have guessed from the way that I opened this post, but I’m also really looking forward to my thirties. I have so many exciting things happening with my business and my life in general. Interestingly, many of the things that I’m thankful for today are things that resulted from growing pains in my twenties. What’s not to look forward to?

What are you grateful for? Share it in the comments below or give me some advice as I enter my 30s. And please consider donating to my charity:water campaign, if you can!



  1. Jen Juriga says:

    1. Happy Birthday! I have been so busy time has gotten away from me. I am sorry.
    2. You are not old!
    3. 30 was literally the best year of my life, so there is so much to look forward to!
    4. My advice: Have fun. Stress less. Love more. (not that you have issues with any of those, but that is what I did to enjoy 30)

  2. Happy Birthday Meghan.

    I truly have loved being in my thirties. When I turned 30 my sister, or maybe it was my Mother(I am getting forgetful I am in the latter part of my 30’s) said, “In your twenties you are still finding out who you are, when you are in your thirties, you know, and can enjoy life and work even more because that is all figured out.”

    I have grown so much as a person and a business owner in my thirties and I am sure will find this to be true for you as well.

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